Episode 008: Paul George Injury

This podcast is not for the faint of heart as we talk about Paul George’s injury and how it could affect the future of USA Basketball and the Indiana Pacers season.

Top 5 List: Top 5 Most Gruesome NBA Injuries

Outro Song: Bob Marley and MGMT- I Wanna Know Now

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Episode 007: Movie Ideas with Jake

This week we deviate from the norm and talk about some movie ideas. Inspired by the new TMNT movie coming out returning guest Jake and I answer the question, “What 90’s cartoons would make great live action movies?¬†What would happen if Doug and Skeeter made some bad life choices after college? What would a True Detective style Scooby Doo movie look like?” It’s a little different than our usual sports banter but I think you will enjoy it.

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Episode 006: The Return of (Drew) Khan

This week on the podcast we discuss¬†the ripple effects of Lebron’s decision to inspire thousands of Sklyar Grey-fueled video montages, the NBA summer league in all its glory, and Manny Moody’s decision to change the entire landscape of college basketball (gasp!). No celebrity guest this week, however friend of the show Drew Khan joins to discuss the Kevin Love drama and a possible fantasy football trade in one oddly constructed league.

Top 5 List: Top 5 Reasons to Love the NBA Summer League (as if 5 is even close to enough)

Outro Song: N.Y. State of Mind – Nas

Listen here: Episode 006 – The Return of (Drew) Khan

Episode 004: NBA Draft recap

With Drew out of town on assignment, Chris is joined by his college roommate and Chicago native Jake to recap the 2014 NBA Draft. Among other things they will talk about the Gary Harris trade and the odds of Carmelo Anthony joining the Bulls before Jake gives the top 5 TV villains of the past 15 years.

Top 5 List : Top 5 TV villains of the past 15 years

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Episode 003: Stuart

This week, with Chris off, Drew sits down with his friend Stuart to create a live mock NBA draft. The two basketball fans act as GM’s for each team, making every other pick of the first round. How far will Embiid drop? How high will the two MSU prospects go? Tune in, and find out. (Also, tune in on Thursday for the draft and really find out.)

Top 5 List : Top 5 NBA Nicknames of All-time

Outro Song: Off the Wall – Eminem & Redman

Listen Here: Episode 003: Stuart

Episode 002: Dick Cheney

Drew and I discuss the Spurs winning the title, commemorate Kawhi Leonard’s performance, and debate what each team should do going further. We briefly discuss the Game of Thrones finale (no spoilers) before getting to the Top 5 storylines to follow this NBA offseason. Before signing off we have a heart stopping conversation with former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Top 5 List: Top 5 Storylines for the NBA offseason

Outro Song: Chain Smoker – Chance the Rapper

Listen here: Episode 002: Dick Cheney